With Live and Interactive Story-Based Learning

Build Social Intelligence

Generate Curosity

Make Friends

Boost Confidence

Speak Like A Pro

Global Classrooms
For 3-5 & 5-7 Years Old
Small Batch of 1-6 Kids
Explore 100+ Topics and Skills

What Happens During a Pudle Session?

Our 5-step process ensures engagement, learning, and fun. Learn More about it


Initiate bonds with fellow peers and enhance comfort level among participants


Integrate rhyme and rhythm in speech, and create a homogeneous energy among the kids


The most powerful medium to ignite curiosity, inspire, and learn


Cultivate a habit of reading, learn vocabulary, and gain phonic sense


Translate learnings from the session into practice while keeping it fun

Experience It to Believe It

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Experience the joy of live interactive learning with the fun-filled storytelling sessions.

What to expect?

Live Interactive Session

Our teachers encourage kids to ask questions and share their thoughts

Healthy Screen Time

WHO recommends video-chat-like screen time for kids. Learn more.

Not Just Storytelling

Expert-planned sessions include warm-ups, activity, games, and more.

Creating Global Reach with Grassroots Impact






Stories told


New words learnt


Moral values imbibed


Kids Interaction Created

Parent and Kids Love Means the World to Us

I love Aditya's improved habits, vocabulary, and communication skills

Navpreet Kaur

Mother of a 4-year-old from Pune

Vandit loves his teachers who create the best engagement and content

Nikitha Bagalkoti

Mother of a 4-year-old from Bengaluru

Naira loves Pudle sessions - improved her vocabulary and social skills

Divya Arora

Mother of 5-year-old from Surat

Well-planned Pudle sessions are helping Shreenika develop holistically

Sucharita Das

Mother of 4-year-old from Kolkata

Pudle has helped Mihir master public speaking and build confidence


Mother of a6-year-old from Bhopal

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the batch size in the sessions?

Batches need to be small enough to provide personal attention to each kid while being large enough to create a healthy social interaction. Keeping this in mind, we limit our session size to be 6 kids maximum in one session.

How are the sessions conducted?

Our sessions use the most popular and easy-to-use Zoom Meeting app. With this, you get the flexibility of interacting with all the kids and the access session recordings (for story pack sessions) with the added security of password-protected and encrypted meetings.

What do kids need to bring to the sessions?

We want to keep the attending the sessions simple, so, generally, we do not ask you to bring anything to the session other than a large smile. In some special sessions, the teacher might ask you or the kids to bring in day-to-day items in your house during the session to make it more fun and interactive.

Does the kid need to switch on the audio and video?

A Big Yes! We keep our sessions highly interactive, which is only possible when you have the audio and video switched on. Sometimes the teacher might ask the kid to go on mute as a part of an activity or to reduce noise. But, in general, audio and video are on.

Can I cancel my kid’s reservation in a session after enrolling?

You can do so up to an hour before the session time from your dashboard in a rare instance where you would like to cancel the kid’s enrollment in an introductory session.
For story pack sessions, if you cannot attend a session, please inform us via a WhatsApp message, and we will make sure you get the session recording or other relevant session material for that day.

Can I access recordings of the session?

We understand the session recordings may play a key role if your kid missed a session for some reason or to revisit the fun and learnings from a session. We make the session videos available for the Story Pack sessions up to 7 days from the session time; you can access them from your dashboard or session history.