The bond between a brother and a sister is sometimes tightly woven, sometimes loosely held but never broken.

Here are the top stories you can read to your little ones to celebrate and instill the spirit of family and bonding between siblings.

Kid’s Story Book 1: I Am a Big Brother:

Written by: Caroline Jayne Church

Kid's story book: I am a Big Brother
Children Story Book: I am a Big Brother

If your older one is a boy or a brother-to-be, he will love this heart-tugging story.

The arrival of a new baby comes with many changes and adjustments, and the big brothers may just need a little extra tender loving care to adjust to accept the new circumstances.

This sweet story is filled with cute illustrations perfect to read and prepare an older brother to welcome his sibling happily or reminisce the first time the older one held the new baby.

Recommended for : 3-5 year old kids

Kid’s Story Book 2: What Sisters Do Best/What Brothers Do Best

Written by: Laura Numeroff, Illustrated by Lynn Munsinger

Children Story Book: What Sisters Do Best / What Brothers Do Best

Take your pick on the choice of the book depending on whether you have a daughter or a son.

An amazing tale that lists and appreciates all the cool things brothers and sisters can do together, from swinging from trees, sharing treats to playing games, and singing songs.

With mirrored text and colourful illustrations, this book is perfect to celebrate sisterhood/brotherhood.

Recommended for : 3-5 year old kids

Kid’s Story Book 3: You're The Biggest

Written & Illustrated by Lucy Tapper

Children Story Book 3: You're The Biggest

An absolutely charming book to celebrate the arrival of a new sibling making the elder one feel proud of the new role of being the ‘biggest.

The story maps the colorful journey of two charming foxes thereby, discovering the unique role of an older sibling.

With beautiful illustrations, this book also provides a space to write a message from the older sibling to the younger one, making it a great keepsake!

Recommended for : 5-7 year old kids

Kid’s Story Book 4: Maggie May and Lizzie Loo

Written by Maggie Cordish, Illustrated by Lizzie Schaul

Children Story Book 4: Maggie May and Lizzie Loo

A heart-warming story that touches the complexities of sibling relationships such as sibling rivalry.

Sisters, Maggie May and Lizzie Loo would like to go to the park. What follows teaches them a valuable life lesson.

Stealing moments from real-life scenarios and filled with rhyming verses, this book is a great read that teaches children that there could be downs in sibling relationships but sticking around for each other is what matters.

Recommended for : 5-8 year old kids

Kid’s Story Book 5: Frozen: Sisters are Forever

Written by Barbara Jean Hicks, Illustrated by Disney Artists

Children Story Book 5: Frozen

This one doesn’t really need an introductions.

The most popular Disney franchise that found devoted fans and has been a part of innumerable birthday parties and girls' bedrooms.

This beautiful picture book features an original story about Anna and Elsa, the two royal sisters from the kingdom of Arendelle.

Children are sure to fall in love with this gorgeously illustrated tale of two sisters.

Recommended for : 3-6 year old kids

Read these amazing books to celebrate Rakshabandhan with your little ones and let us know which one they like best.

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