“Friends are the family we choose!”

Preschool is the ideal time to make friends and learn about friendship. At this age, kids interact with each other daily in school and, have opportunities to share, discuss and, connect. As they grow, their friendship evolves, and they identify good friends who they like to spend more time with.

The current circumstances do not give children to explore and discover friendship, but these books will teach your little the values of friendship that can help them when the interact with their peers in person.

Kid’s Story Book 1: My Friend Maggie:

Written by: Hannah E. Harrions

My Friend Maggie
Book for Friendship Day: My Friend Maggie

A beautiful book that is very relevant in today’s world of social pressures, with lessons that will help kids throughout their lives.

To fit in, Paula becomes friends with  a mean girl named Veronica and ignores her best friend Maggie. When Veronica starts saying mean things about Paula, it is her  friend Maggie who defends Paula, thus teaching Paula the most important lesson about true friendship.

A must read sweet and heart-tugging story about bullying, fitting in and standing up for your friends.

Recommended for : 6-8 year old kids

Kid’s Story Book 2: One Cool Friend

Written by: Toni Buzzeo , Illustrated by David Small

One Cool Friend
Book for Friendship Day: One Cool Friend

A super cool tale about an unlikely friendship between a boy and a penguin with a surprising twist at the end.

The book is filled with whimsical illustrations and funny experiences. How a trip to an aquarium leads young Elliot to discover his love for penguins and what happens when he gets one home forms the crux of the story.

Recommended for : 6-8 year old kids

Kid’s Story Book 3: Sorry, Really Sorry

Written by Joanna Cotler, Illustrated by Harry Bliss

Sorry, Really Sorry
Book for Friendship Day: Sorry, Really Sorry!

We might hurt our friends when we’re in a foul mood and take it out on the people around us. But by saying sorry from the heart, we can show our friends that we do care about them and help everyone feel better.

A good-hearted Dog turns things around by showing kindness to Pig on a farm of mean, hurtful animals, turning not sorry into sorry (really sorry). But will that be enough to mend all of the hurt feelings on the farm?

Armed with engaging text and expressive artwork , this book depicts the power of reactivity and how love and kindness can put it to rest.

Recommended for : 3-6 year old kids

Kid’s Story Book 4: Can I Play Too?

Written by Samantha Cotterill

Can I play too?
Book for Friendship Day: Can I play too?

Parents will agree that teaching kids to share and get along is the toughest thing. There are times when kids just want to do things their way. This book deals with this concern head on and provides a unique perspective to help them compromise and understand another person’s point of view.

Two boys’ fun train-track-building project takes a turn when one of the boys obliviously insists on only doing things his way, leading to disagreement. A smart teacher steps in to help them sort their issues.

Adorable, real life imagery and a very valuable lesson, makes this book a must read.

Recommended for : 3-8 year old kids

Kid’s Story Book 5: Best Friends

Written by Margery Cuyler, Illustrated by David L. Walker

Best Friends
Book for Friendship's Day: Best Friends

This Level One reader is perfect for children who have a best friend but confused on how to include more friends in this special relationship.

This book explores how the friendship of two best buddies disrupted when a new kid enters their school.

With easy words, repetitive rhymes, kids can not only learn to read but also learn that there’s always room for more friends.

Recommended for : 4-6 year old kids


Read these amazing books with your little ones and let us know which one they like best. Have more to add to the list? Share your favorites with us via DM on our Instagram handle - @happy.pudle