We bring to you a collection of stories for 3 to 7-year-old children chosen with the help of our in-house teacher and experienced educators.

1. The Girl Who Could Not Stop Laughing

The Girl Who Could Not Stop Laughing

Gist: Every day T. Sundari gets into trouble because most things make her laugh. She just cannot keep her mouth sealed. T. Sundari wants to know if something is wrong with her. Because if there isn't, she can laugh all the time!

Recommended For: 5-7-year-olds

What We Love: A book that is all about smiles, laughter, and happiness! Discuss with your child what makes him/her happy and what makes them laugh. Quite thought-provoking when you ask your child to note down things, people, and incidents that bring a smile to their face.

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2. Do you ever wonder about Rain, Snow, Sleet, and Hail?

Do you wonder about Rain, Snow, Sleet, and Hail?

Gist: What’s to wonder about water?”, you might ask. Professor Ture will tell you why.  Filled with compelling illustrations, this free children’s book takes a dive into a whirlpool of knowledge about the ubiquitous water that we often take for granted.

Recommended For: 5-7-year-olds

What We Love: A very informative storybook that talks about the importance of water, water sources, and the water cycle without being too difficult for the kids. Kids will enjoy the colourful graphics, simple language, and the slow of the story. Brace yourself to answer questions from curious minds once you read this book to them.

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3. The Drawing Game

The Drawing Game

Gist: Jeenu and Ajji are drawing circles, triangles and squares. Then they turn them into all sorts of things. This simple story introduces the concept of shapes to children and encourages them to use their imagination.

Recommended For: 3-5-year-olds

What We Love: Drawing + Reading = Lots of Creativity, Fun and Learning. Kids of all ages will love learning to make complex shapes out of simple ones and will be pleasantly surprised with the results. Get the crayons out!

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4. Same-same or Different?

Same, same or Different?

Gist: Can you only be friends with people who are exactly like you? Is it wrong to be best friends with someone who is different? SORT OUT the answers to these questions with Snake and Sparrow in this heartwarming story about friendship.

Recommended For: 3-7-year-olds

What We Love: A very thought-provoking story about acceptance and friendship. Life-like, expressive illustrations make this book endearing.

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