We have handpicked stories in collaboration with our in-house experienced teachers and early educators that can be enjoyed by 3-7-year-old children.

1. The Little Red Hen

The Little Red Hen

Gist: Unaided by her three lazy animal companions, a hardworking hen completes all the chores on the farm and reaps its benefits.

Recommended for: 3-5-year-olds

What We Love: The book uses simple language and beginner-level CVC words such as cat, rat and sight words such as the, not, who.  Encourage your child to decipher the CVC words with you and identify the sight words. Perfect for early readers!

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2. The Tooth Fairies

The Tooth Fairies

Gist: Three magical tooth fairies teach a young boy the importance of maintaining oral hygiene.

Recommended for: 3-5-year-olds

What We Love: A wonderful story that weaves its magic in the child’s imagination, even while imparting an invaluable lesson in oral health and hygiene. This is a story that the children will return to time and again for a fun bedtime read.

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3. Ten Little Bunnies

10 Little Bunnies

Gist: The number of bunnies in a group gradually reduces in each play and each activity. It ends up with one little bunny, who tried to regenerate the remaining nine little bunnies.

Recommended for: 5-7-year-olds

What We Love: A funny short colorfully illustrated story for kids, narrated in a rhyme format. Words like Swash, Swoop, Hoop, Boom, Heeelp, Sweep add more zest. A great book to introduce the concept of subtraction to 5-7-year-olds.

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4. Doing My Chores

Doing My Chores

Gist: How a little girl makes chores fun and easy to do!

Recommended for: 5-7-year-olds

What We Love: Vibrant illustrations with attention to details, this book is an easy read. It teaches kids the importance of completing their own tasks, daily and how doing so, can be fun! The younger kids can enjoy the colorful graphics and the older kids can be asked to search sight words.

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Hope these books bring joy to your kids and help them develop a liking for reading while teaching them interesting concepts.

Let us know which ones they enjoy the best. Have more to add to this list? Share your favorites with us via DM on our Instagram handle - @happy.pudle or write to us at hello@pudle.in