Children are the hardest hit in the Covid pandemic and lockdown. While some have never been to a physical school, others have been forced out of their daily school routine and confined to the four walls of their home. So it is natural for them to feel trapped and not take a liking to online learning easily.

With a long lockdown looming, parents must first accept that the new norm of online learning is here to stay. Once a parent accepts it, it is simpler to ease their little ones into a virtual learning setup.

We have listed a few ideas that will help your kid adjust and enjoy this new form of remote learning.

Prepare Your Child Mentally for Remote Learning:

  • Talk to your child about virtual learning and get him/her excited about learning new things, seeing new faces while being around near and dear ones from the comfort of home.
Young boy interacting in his online class

Set Up your Home for Virtual Learning:

  • Ensure you have stable, reliable internet connectivity.
  • Choose mid-to-large screen devices such as laptops, desktops, or tablets over small screen devices like mobile phones for a better experience.
  • Install all the necessary software on your kids' system to facilitate a smooth learning session.
  • Set up your child's learning space in a place in the house that is as free of noise and distractions as possible.
  • Whether your child sits on a chair or bed, try to keep it well-lit and bright.
  • The seating must be comfortable and aid your child's posture.
  • Spruce up your child's learning space with bright, colorful elements.
Mother helping her daughter with online school setup

Help your child succeed at virtual learning:

  • Encourage and pep-talk your child to give their best effort.
  • Avoid doing their work for them or prompting them with correct answers. Instead, encourage your child to reach out to the teacher for help or to clarify doubts when needed. Remember, children won't learn until they make mistakes. So, let them explore, fail and learn from it to succeed.
  • Discipline your child with online manners. For example, teach your child how to mute and unmute, raise a hand, and wait for their turn, and what to do if they want to speak. This will ensure that online sessions are not a cacophony of noises and make them more fruitful and engaging.
  • Encourage your child to follow basic rules such as always having the camera on, not using different virtual backgrounds, and using their actual name onscreen.
  • Don't hesitate to contact your child's teacher/s as needed if your child is having difficulty coping with the online environment. You can together chalk out a plan to ease things for your kid.
Mother teaching mathematics to her daughter

Keep up the learning at other times:

  • Keep track of your child's achievements and celebrate them to keep him motivated.
  • Plan daily fun activities such as ‘News of the Day, 'Today's Weather,’ 'Daily Puzzle' to keep him alert outside of school.
  • Support learning at school with other virtual programs that encourage learning through a story or play-based mechanisms and provide your kid with the opportunity to interact with new peers.
  • Use screen time effectively. Engage your kids with quality and interactive content that helps them with holistic development.

Child enjoying his online school

Yes, this paradigm shift in learning is difficult to digest, but learning at home also comes with its own advantages. So let's make the most of this situation and grab those hugs while you are working and your child is studying, both from home!