The best way to teach people is by telling a story

- Kenneth Blanchard

Science can be a tricky subject to introduce to kids. The more challenging part is to help them develop a liking for it. While kids love reciting poems and playing, getting them to understand facts and theories could be a tough task. That is where science-based stories come in.

We have compiled a list of 10 best science stories that will ignite the minds of a young one and make them understand complex scientific concepts in a simplified manner.

1. “Who Sank the Boat” by Pamela Allen

Guess which animal caused the boat to sink?

This is a great little story that explains the concepts of mass, floating, and sinking in a fun, engaging way.

2. “The Magic Block” by Lavina Mahbubani

Rinky’s brother’s pen rolls under the bed. A magic piece attracts the pen and helps her retrieve it.

This story introduces the concept of magnets and magnetic force and raises children’s curiosity quotient by making them want to explore which objects get attracted to magnets

3. “Me and My Place in Space” by Joan Sweeney

With Earth as a starting point, a young astronaut leads readers on a tour past each planet and on to the stars, answering simple questions about our solar system.

Make your children familiar with the concept of space, planets, and stars. Children find this colourful, pictorial book quite fascinating.

4. “Who is that in the mirror” by Shalini Srinivasan

Who’s that in the mirror? Manasa is going to do what she does best—find out.

Help children learn about the concept of reflection and symmetry is this fun, short story.

5. “The Cautious Caterpillar” - Twinkl Originals

Cody the Caterpillar hatched from her egg and crawled onto a big green leaf. She smiled happily. “I love being a caterpillar!” she said and began to eat her tasty leaf.

Introduce children to the concept of the life cycle, growth, and its phases through the eyes of a caterpillar.

Let us know if these stories help your child.

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