Studies say that, ten minutes of bouncing on a trampoline is almost equal to thirty minutes of running. So, for kids (and even adults), a trampoline is a great way to have fun and play and is an unassuming way of stay fit and healthy.

Here’s the proof:

1.It is a great source of playing for children:

The obvious one! Trampolines are a great source of playing for children. They can spend hours on them, just bouncing and giggling. You may think that your child would get bored after 5 minutes or so but that's not true at all; they'll stay there until they're tired out (and then some).

2. Improves balance and body coordination:

A good balance is important in both, everyday life and sports activities. Trampolines focus primarily on the lower limbs and require great control over the movement as well as an excellent dynamic and static balance.

3. It is an excellent way to burn calories:

Trampolining improves physical fitness. It is a way of making exercise fun. As they bounce on the trampoline, the kids move their bodies a lot and exercise without realizing it.

4. Improves Posture:

To maintain balance on a trampoline, the kid has to be constantly aware of their centre of gravity. Bouncing also builds stronger muscles. So, as kids continue trampolining, their muscles, spine, and joints become stronger. This increases their core strength and balance. As a cumulative effect, their posture improves considerably.

5. Builds Immunity

The act of rebounding on a trampoline promotes lymphatic circulation, pushing toxins out of cells and allowing nutrients to be absorbed in. This detoxifies the body and builds a robust immune system.

6. Inculcates Self-esteem and Confidence:

For kids who are wary of trying new things or indulging in physical activities, trampolines are a great way to build their confidence. There is no right or wrong way to jump on a trampoline so they experience instant success, which increases their courage and self-confidence.

7. Improve Ability to Learn:

Jumping requires brain to focus facilitating kids' concentration. This translates into kids’ engagement in learning as well. Also, trampolines themselves can be an effective tool for learning. Counting, jumping onto colored shapes and following directions are just some of the ways that kids can learn through play.

So if you find a play area with a trampoline, don’t wait any longer. It is time to take your kids and jump on it to enjoy all its benefits. Not sure which play areas have trampoline? Download the Puddle App to help you find a playhouse suited to your needs!