Once upon a time, a big argument took place between the sun and the wind about the stronger force.

Sun: “I am the strongest. You are no match for me!”

Wind: “Try me. You have no idea how strong I can be if I want to!”

The spotted a man walking through a forest while they were arguing and an idea struck them.

Sun: “Whoever is able to make the man remove his scarf wins, what say?”

Wind: “YES! I am game, let’s end this fair and square”

The Wind decides to go first and starts blowing.

The surprised wind gushes with more power knocking off things around but the determined man continues to hold on to his scarf.

Man (thinking) : “ I will use all my power but not let go of my scarf”

After the wind’s unsuccessful attempt is the sun’s turn. The sun calms chooses to shine right on top of the forest.

The sun shines a little more brightly making the day hotter.

The man starts sweating and removes his scarf.

Man: “Too hot for a scarf!”

Sun: “So are we clear on who is the winner or do we go in for round 2?”

Wind: “No need. You win! Friends again”

Sun: “Always”

Key Learning

Gente persuasion is enough. Force is not always the way out.