Once upon a time, there lived a monkey on a mango tree on the banks of a river. 

He met a tired crocodile at the bank and offered him some mangoes.

Monkey: “Here, eat some mangoes!”

Croc: “Yummy. Thank you very much” 

Over time, the crocodile started visit the monkey regularly and they became good friends.

One day, the crocodile carried a few mangoes home for his wife.

Wife: “Wow! I have never eaten such delicious mangoes. Imagine how tasty would the monkey’s heart be as he eats them everyday”

Wife: “Go and get the monkey here so that we can rip his heart apart and enjoy the sweet taste!”

The crocodile got tempted with the wife’s suggestion and invited monkey to his house next day.

The foolish crocodile blurted out the evil plan by mistake.

Croc: “....... and image us feasting on your heart today…….”

The monkey, immediately understood the crocodile’s intention, but, kept his calm and made a smart move.

Monkey: “Oh no! I would to be your dinner tonight but I left my heart on the mango. Please let’s go back and get it!”

The crocodile dropped the monkey at the bank, hoping the monkey will get his heart.

The monkey climbed the mango tree quickly.

Monkey: “You silly crocodile! How can my heart be out of my body. Now forget the heart, you will never ever get any mangoes either!”

Key Learning

Never to believe a false friend