What if your kid's school not only helps your kid write and clear tests?

What if your kid's school also stimulated her creativity, invigorated her curiosity, and boosted her confidence to dream and achieve big?

Educators designed schools to operate within a curriculum with a one-size-fits-all and one-speed-fits-all approach. This design is fundamental to creating institutions that can support mass education and fulfill the Right to Education Act's promise.

We believe all kids are born with an insatiable curiosity. It has helped humans understand good and evil, fend off danger, and survive longer. Thus, evolution has fed this natural love for learning into our DNA.

Unfortunately, the one-size-fits-all and the one-speed-fits-all approach tends to work against this natural love for learning. This love doesn't know any limitations of a curriculum or the pace of a particular grade.

But that shouldn't be the cause for a life-long impediment in any kid's creativity, curiosity, and confidence.

That's where the need to supplement the fundamental school education arises.

We are proud to present Pudle - the world's first story-based learning platform for kids in Kindergarten to Grade-3.

Pedagogy at Pudle

Story-Based Learning

With stories, teleport your consciousness into a parallel dimension where the magic happens - mind-numbing STEM concepts become fun, thoughts convert into speech, and strangers become friends.

Real Human-Interactive Learning

Don't be just a spectator, be actively involved by sharing your thoughts, guessing the plot, and asking your questions. Get rewarded and recognized often!

Peer-Based Learning

Just like swimming, we can not learn empathy, cooperation, and problem-solving by only words. Meeting with peers and making friends help us harness these life skills early on.

Activity-Based Learning

Applying knowledge to real-life situations not only helps us truly understand it, but it also stays with us for a long time. We design Pudle's at-home activities to facilitate this.

Gamified Learning

With Pudle, let's make learning a rewarding game not just in the long run but with small achievable milestones to keep boosting kid's confidence. (Coming Soon!)

Global Classrooms

After economic globalization, we are now in the middle of the globalization of schooling. Join Pudle's classrooms without borders, with kids from across 10+ countries, and understand the cultural diversity of human life.

Meet the Team Behind Pudle

Udit Bansal
CEO & Founder | 9+ yrs of exp. building products, analyzing data, and helping customers succeed | Helped Innovaccer, Disney, NASA, and more in the past
Proudly revolutionizing education by the day, and catching bugs by the night!
Udit Bansal
CEO & Founder | 9+ yrs of building products, analyzing data, & helping customers succeed
Proudly revolutionizing education by the day, and catching bugs by the night!
Ruta Gupta
Digital Marketing Lead | Mother | USC grad with 10+ yrs of exp.
You can find me telling stories through digital media during the day and reading stories to my 5 year old by the night!
Veena Vasanth
Academic Lead | Biomedical grad turned storyteller with 4+ yrs of exp.
You can find me weaving tales and inspiring young minds during the day, and tucked in with a story book by the night!
Amardeep Singh
Software Engineer | Masters in CS with 2+ yrs of exp.
You can find me converting ideas into reality during the day, and watching anime by the night!
Ankita Gupta
Product Design Lead | Mother | Economics Grad turned Designer with 5+ yrs of exp.
You can find me imagineering during the day, and watching cartoons with my kid by the night!
Sakshi Choudhary
Software Engineering Intern | CS Sophomore
You can find me coding during the day, and gaming by the night!

Meet Our Investors

Proudly presenting our customers who love us and trust us not only with their money, but also with their most precious possesion - thier child’s time.
Navpreet Kaur
Pune, IndiaMother of 4-yr-old Aditya
I love Aditya's improved habits, vocabulary, and communication skills
Divya Arora
Surat, IndiaMother of 5-yr-old Naira
Naira loves Pudle sessions - improved her vocabulary and social skills
Bhopal, IndiaMother of 6-yr-old Mihir
Pudle has helped Mihir master public speaking and build confidence
Nikitha Bagalkoti
Bengaluru, IndiaMother of 4-yr-old Vandit
Vandit loves his teachers who create the best engagement and content
Sucharita Das
Kolkata, IndiaMother of 4-yr-old Shreenika
Well-planned Pudle sessions are helping Shreenika develop holistically

We Are Looking for A-Team Members

Building a new globally accessible education dimension loved by >95% of its users comes with a whole new set of challenges. If you are passionate about startups, education, and re-imagination, we would love to talk to you.

Do not see an open position suitable for you? That shouldn’t stop us from catching up and exploring new opportunities. Drop in a few lines about yourself at hello@pudle.in